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Why Pizza Maru?

Korea’s Success Legend

Strength of Pizzamaru

4792 is a number of food franchise restaurant brands in Korea. Only 30 of them have been in the business
for more than 10 years with more than 500 stores. PizzaMaru is one of Top 30.

Status of Food Franchise Industry in Korea

Status of Food Franchise Industry in Korea.png

According to the report by Korea Fair Trade Commission, average life span of Korean food brands is 4~5 years. The reason why the lifespan is short is “Because Korean consumers are very sensitive to trends and it is difficult to maintain the business unless the brand changes to suit the consumer’s tastes”. In other words, Pizza Maru’s trendy and unique technology has ranked itself on Top 30.

Brand That Does Not Close

Korea’s Success Legend.jpeg

10 Pizza Brand’s Closing Rate


According to the Fair Trade Commission, the closing rate of PizzaMaru is 3.3% which is 1/3 of 9%, which is the average closing rate of Korea’s top 8 pizza brands.

Pizza Maru is more focusing on enhancing existing store’s competitivity than opening a new a store. This strategy has been applied to overseas partners as well. It is indeed a long process but PizzaMaru’s goal is to become a powerful brand.
If you consider yourself to share such victory and PizzaMaru’s goal with us, you are our next partner.

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