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The world first well-being pizza made of patented Green tea dough.

I believe we can make the world for a better place by doing what we can do the best. Pizza is what I can do the most with love and care. Pizza Maru launched a take-away pizza store to provide cheap yet delicious and high-quality pizza and currently is a leader of pizza franchise business in Korea with 650 franchise stores nationwide.

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In addition, the research center of Pizza Maru were patented for producing its ‘Functional well-being pizzadough’ and ‘Pizza manufacturing method’ after endless investment, research and development on dough for the first time in pizza industry. This dough includes organic green tea, chlorella and 12 natural grains including rye, black rice, Italian millet and sorghum and etc.

We have secured approximately 650 franchise stores for 15 years after its establishment and still counting. Our franchise stores have secured stable sales and established a role model for food franchise business.

Based on such efforts, the company was recognized by the Korean government and food franchise industryand was selected as an ‘Excellent Franchise’ for 8 consecutive years for 2011~ 2018 by the Small and Medium Business Administration certified by the Korean government. The company also achieved ‘Brand award of the year’ for 11 consecutive years in 2010 ~ 2020 organized Maeil Economy Newspaper and Consumers Council through consumer vote and survey. During 2014 ~ 2020, the company raised its values as one of Top 100 effective franchises by Maeil Economy, Korean Newspaper.

The company has begun its expansion to overseas markets from 2013 and still looking for good business opportunities in uncovered world. We have penetrated our first overseas market in Beijing and America, and currently launched in Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Pizza Maru will make utmost efforts to deliver tasteful and high-quality products at reasonable price to consumers’ table in the world with


Lee Young-Jon

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